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Laser Treatments   Cutera XEO

Hair removal is designed to remove hair from unwanted places on men and women.  The laser removes the hair from the root, so the results are usually permanent.  After a series of treatments the hair subsides and stops growing in the treated area.  Common areas treated are upper lip and chin, under arms, legs, bikini, and back. 

Skin resurfacing is the process of removing layers of skin with the laser.  This process is relatively painless and is done as an outpatient procedure.  This process has done wonders for discolored skin or pigmentation issues such as dark spots on the hands or sun damage on the face and chest.


Skin tightening entails using the laser to tighten the skin around areas that may be experiencing any form of sagging.  This treatment has been used effectively on numerous areas including the face and chest.  It is the preferred treatment for wrings in the chest area just below the neck. 

Hair Removal

Legs, Face, Underarms, Bikini, Back, Neck

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Beauty Care

IPL Photofacial

Treats sun damaged skin

$350 (Ask about packages)


$999 for 6 sessions

Skin Classic

$75 per 15 minute session

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