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About Us

Serving Murphy, Sachse, Wylie, Garland, Richardon, Plano, and surrounding areas with the highest quality BOTOX and JUVÉDERM filler treatments is our mission.  Locally owned and operated, I am certified by the Esthetic Skin Institute in the art and science of advanced techniques in Dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxin Type A. I have been an RN for over 25 years. I practice under the supervision of Dr. Adler, MD, a dermatologist, who is also the medical director of Looks Rx.

Our attitude toward doing cosmetic injections is, if there is anything in life that can make you feel better about yourself, boost your confidence, or just make you secretly feel refreshed, then do it. To me, it's similar to wearing new panties and bra under your one  knows but you, although sometimes it's the smallest things that can make you more feel special about yourself.

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